Moroccan Leather Pouf
Moroccan Leather Pouf

Moroccan Leather Pouf

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5-10 Working Days but if the product is out of stock it will be made up or imported in just for you and can take up to 3 weeks.     


This gorgeous Natural Leather Pouf in Vintage Tan

We love its raw colour, a natural un-dyed leather colour that is light and soft.

Perfect for modern bohemian decor or lovely nursery decor and works really well with a softer colour palette in a room. 

These Poufs also add so much coziness to a room. 


Natural Leather Moroccan Pouf
– Real leather: Natural leather, un-dyed. Embroidery colour: Light beige
– W 50 cm x H 30 cm (Standard size) 
- Has a raw leather smell. which will fade over time 

Please note: this product is original and 100% crafted in Marrakesh. there is a natural variation in color this little difference gives the product a prestigious advantage each item will vary slightly in shape and size, and with occasional cleaning and proper maintenance, it can last a lifetime. The smell of the skin is normal because the product not treated with harmful chemicals


Moroccans use a combination of old clothes, rags, towels, sheets etc for a solid full look. Otherwise you can use bean bag filling, foam offcuts or plastic bags to reduce landfill.
Another option is using old pillows, however it all depends how you want the Leather Pouf to feel.

Each item is made meticulously by hand, therefore each piece does need a little tender love and care every now and then.
We recommend all of our Moroccan Leather Pouffe’s be professionally cleaned IF they need it. It is better to do less than more with the leather, as the age beautifully with wear.
If your piece has a spill of some sort immediately use paper towel on the spill to dry any moisture and please ensure you DO NOT rub.