Care Instructions for cactus silk cushions



CARE: Dry clean only. We recommend using a fabric protector spray. Do not machine wash as liquid will discolour these pieces due to their natural hand dying techniques. Please also take care when filling and un-filling your cushions.

Do not tumble dry. Ok to iron on a low heat. Hang on a clothes line to air out in the sun. 

Please note: There are imperfections from the hand-dying process (small blotches, bleeding etc). This adds to the character and charm of the pillow cover. 

Because the material is hand-dyed, each pillow is different. The pattern may vary slightly for your pillow.

Summersday Shop does not take responsibility for cushions that have been washed incorrectly. 



100% Real leather: Natural leather, un-dyed

Each item is made meticulously by hand, therefore each piece does need a little tender love and care every now and then.
We recommend all of our Moroccan Leather Pouffe’s be professionally cleaned IF they need it. It is better to do less than more with the leather, as the age beautifully with wear.
If your piece has a spill of some sort immediately use paper towel on the spill to dry any moisture and please ensure you DO NOT rub.